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Single Buck

Competitors use modified peg and raker racing saws.  this ranks high as one of the toughest disciplines in the sport, especially in larger diameter wood. The number 1 single buckers for 2018 are (David Moses Jr and Erin Cramsey)

Double Buck

Two competitors use a modified peg and raker saw to cut through up to 24" of wood.  The number 1 double buckers for 2018 are (Mike Forrester and Erin Cramsey)

Jack and Jill Crosscut

A male and female competitor pick up the modified peg and raker saw to cut through up to 24" of wood. The number 1 J&J bucker for 2018 is (Mike Forrester.)

Underhand Chop

Competitors use Specialized racing axes to chop through 14 inches of wood below their feet. The number 1 underhand choppers for 2018 are (Mike Forrester and Erin LaVoie)

Vertical Chop

Contestants use their same axes from the underhand and chop 12 inches of wood oriented vertically.  This simulates chopping down timber.  The number 1 vertical chopper for 2018 is (David Moses Jr.)

Springboard Chop

Competitors use their racing axes to chop pockets into a standing pole. They then use "springboards" to place in the pockets where they will stand on them to complete a vertical chop 9 feet in the air.  the number 1 springboard chopper for 2018 is (Nate Hodges)

Stock Saw

Competitors use stock STIHL MS 660 chainsaws to cut through up to 24 inches of wood. Technique can make or break this race. The number 1 Stock Sawyer for 2018 is (Mike Forrester)

Hot Saw

Contestants take a snowmobile or motorcycle motor and craft it into a big chainsaw. Saws range from 250cc up to 350cc and can make three cuts through 21 inches of wood in around 4 seconds.  The number 1 hot sawyer for

 2018 is (David Moses Jr.)

Axe Throw

 Competitors throw double bit axes at targets from 30 feet away. Bullseye's are worth 5 points down to 1 point for the outer ring on the target.  the number 1 axe thrower for 2018 is (Mike Forrester and Haley Smith-Lipkin)

Pole Climb

Less intelligent competitors use pole climbing spikes to race up spar poles up to 90' high.  Once they ring the bell at the top, they bail out of the tree and slide to the ground, often, only touching the pole a few times before landing. The number 1 tree climber for 2018 are (Eric Hoberg and Jonny Parcell)

Tree Topping

The same crew that pole climb will also climb with a modified crosscut hanging from their waist.  once they reach the top, they will cut a disc off the top of the pole. The number one tree topper for 2018 is (Cody Labahn).

Log Rolling

Two competitors face off on the water while running atop of a floating log. Competitors can do anything except touch the other person to knock them off the log. The number 1 log roller for 2018 is (Mike Johnson).

Obstacle Pole

Contestants use both speed and agility to run up and inclined pole (6-10" diameter) around 6' off the ground.  They then use modified chainsaws to remove a wood disc before racing back to the bottom.  The number 1 single bucker for 2018 is (Rob Waibel) 

Choker Race

Contestants run a foot race up and over log obstacles and water hazards carrying a length of steel cable.  they then wrap the cable around a log a the end of the  course then race back to the finish line. The number 1 choker racer for 2018 is (Colin Towne)

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